Our Service

The purchase of a yacht is a dream come true.

But fulfilling that dream, the purchasing process, from the early stages of forming a decision to the day of delivery, is a complex process that may require a lot of time to accomplish. The variety of possibilities is immense, and the choices are many: motor-yacht or sailing-yacht, brand-new or second-hand, which manufacturer, which model, etc.

After choosing a model fit for their wishes, needs and abilities, the fresh yacht owners face a variety of new questions and decisions of significant implications: choosing the provider, at home or abroad, managing negotiations, equipping the yacht, along with managerial and professional challenges

that sometimes arise in very tight schedules.


With knowledge and experience gained over 40 years at sea and tens of thousands of miles across the Mediterranean, on a variety of sea crafts of all kinds, entrepreneur Eyal Gen decided to put aside a successful hi-tech career in order to follow his heart back to the world of sailing – so began Genoa. Genoa supplies the buyer of a yacht with the knowledge and confidence needed along the full process of purchase and beyond it.

Our services include:


  • advising in choosing the right model
  • building the budget for purchase and maintenance
  • planning the optimal set of equipment for the yacht
  • negotiating with sellers & dealers

Day of Delivery

  • Quality Assurance and control
  • Sea trials
  • recommending equipment for sailing certificate, leisure and recreation
  • yacht operation-related guidance and advice
  • administration (registry, flag, sailing certificate, insurance)


  • Training & preparing the owner for optimal recreational use of the yacht